Franklin County Officers


County Officers
The county court clerks were:
Absalom Russell, 1808-13;
Edmund Russell, 1813-34;
W. B. Wagoner, 1834-36;
W. W. Brazelton, 1836-40;
Isaac Estill. 1840-44;
Sherwood Williams, 1844-48;
Wm. E. Taylor. 1848-58;
R. F. Sims, 1858-60;
John G. Enochs, 1860-64;
Thos. Short, 1864-66;
John G. Enochs, 1866-71;
Clem Arlidge, 1871-83;
Wm. E. Taylor, 1882-86.

The registers were:
John Keeton, 1808-26;
Solomon Wagoner, 1826-36;
Jesse T. Wallace, 1836-44;
James L. Williams, 1844-48;
Jesse T. Wallace, 1848-53;
W. D. McNeil, 1852-56;
Adam Hancock. 1856-60;
M. G. Osborn, 1860-64 (war interval.)
Wm. Stewart, 1865-66;
D. R. Slatter, 1866-69;
J. J. Martin, 1869-74;
N. R. Martin, 1874-78;
J. B. Ashley, 1878-86.

The chancery court clerks and masters were:
John Goodwin, 1834-38;
Hu Francis, 1838-58;
H. R. Estill, 1858-71;
T. H. Finch, 1871-85;
Clem Arledge, present incumbent, 1883 to ____.

Since the late Civil War the office of county trustee has been held respectively by the following named gentlemen, to wit:
Wm. Buchanan,
Wm. R. Francis,
Sanders Faris,
R. J. Turner,
R. G. Smith,
and the present incumbent, A. J. Skidmore.

Circuit court clerks, since the war:
George W. Hunt, 1865-66;
Thos. J. Jackson, 1866-74;
W. W. Estill, 1874-78;
H. P. Stewart, 1878-83;
Nathan Francis, 1882-86.

Sheriffs since the war, omitting dates:
John W. Custer
J. W. Williams
H. D. Willits
D. J. Martin
H. P. Stewart
R. F. Oakley
J. J. Turner
C. A. Majors, present incumbent.

J. W. Syler, is the present county surveyor
J. P. Waddington, coroner
W. B. Watterson, superintendent of schools.

Owing to the loss of some records, and the manner in which others have been kept, it is impossible to compile as full and complete a list of county officers as might be desired. The average annual expense of the county for the last ten years has been $9,000, and according to the financial report of J. W. Williams, judge of the county court, filed July 5, 1886, county warrants had been issued between October 1, 1885, and the date of his report amounting to $10,057.81; and the total amount received into the treasury for the same time was $9,291.01, leaving the county in debt in the sum of $766.20 at the date of said report.

The tax duplicate of the county for 1886 shows 337,930 acres of land assessed, and the total taxable property assessed at $1,687,170. And the amounts of taxes levied are as follows, to-wit: State, $5,061.51; county, $5,670.26; school, $8,948.84; highway, $2,530.75; total, $22,211.16. Number of taxable polls, 2,435.

Source: History of Tennessee, Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1886

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